“This company is awesome! Our industry needs more distributors like them. The beauty professionals greatly benefit from Raylon.”
~ Geno Stampora, Industry Speaker

One of our good friends & customers asked us a good question…
What do the holidays mean to you as a business owner?

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01/18/2016Psy-Cosmetologist CertificationReading, PA

01/25/2016Yunsey Color JamWyomissing, PA

02/08/2016Eufora Color DifferenceReading, PA

02/22/2016Eufora Color DifferencePhiladelphia, PA

03/07/2016Eufora Color Placement TechniquesPittsburgh, PA

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Successful People do this

Check out Josh's latest video blog where he shares some tips that all successful people have in common.

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How to get found online

HOW TO GET FOUND ONLINE. HOW TO GET MORE “BUTTS IN THE CHAIR.” Let’s face it; the salon and spa business is one of the most competitive out there. The margins are modest, the clients [...]

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Message from EVO

Cassie Harwood from EVO stops by to give us some insight on EVO and some exciting things coming up!